Get to Know Alpha O: Goose

Get to Know AOII's "very good boy", Goose!


Goose is in training to be a migraine alert service dog. He passed all his tests to be one early, at 6 months old; however, he has to actually be "in training" for 6 months, so he won't be able to be a full-blown service dog for at least another month. He alerts his owner and our sister, Caitlyn, to her migraines by placing a paw on her. He has also completed therapy dog training.


Goose got his first AKC (American Kennel Club) title as a "Canine Good Citizen" on his 6 month birthday. This is recognized as the "gold standard" for dog behavior. He was the youngest in his class and the youngest the trainer has ever even tested. He is currently working on training for new service tasks, AKC Obedience Trials, which he hopes to compete in soon, and AKC Trick Dog titles. His favorite trick is "Puppy Push Ups", ("Sit", "Down", "Sit", "Down"). 


He is allergic to basically everything, including chicken, so he has special rabbit and potato food and hypoallergenic treats. His favorite treats are mashmallows, frozen hollow bones filled with coconut oil, and ice. He loves birds, chasing shadows and light, watching football and Animal Planet, and playing with sticks and leaves. He's been especially excited during his first Fall because leaves are falling from the sky.  


Goose even loves going to the vet. However, he does not like swimming. He went dock diving once, but would only get in the water if Caitlyn were already in. After he dove in one time (after a squeaky toy), he refused to ever get in the water again. Now he barks at waves as if they were coming to get him.


Goose especially loves sleeping. He was almost always sleeping in his training class, and Caitlyn said, "It's a wonder he learned anything." 


He is registered on campus and even has an emergency contact. His picture will be featured next to all of his sisters on our next AOII composites. We are so happy to have him, and he has stolen our hearts.