Meet Our VP & Assistant VP of Recruitment

Recruitment is just around the corner, and we're so excited to introduce you to two of the girls who are helping to make it all possible for us: our VP of Membership Recruitment (VPMR), Brooke Buckles, and our assistant VPMR, Hayley Bylsma! Here's what they shared with us: 

 Brooke Buckles (left), Hayley Bylsma (right)

Brooke Buckles (left), Hayley Bylsma (right)

What made you want to pursue this position?

Brooke: "I honestly never thought I would be serving AOII as the VPMR. However, after I served as a Pi Chi during recruitment 2016, I realized I wanted to give back in a different way the next year. AOII has given me such an incredible college experience thus far. I owe so much growth, and have been blessed by so many beautiful friendships through AOII, and I cannot think of a better thing to do than give back to the organization that has given me so much. Additionally, I love meeting new people. Recruitment is such an exciting way to meet new Auburn women, and serving in this role has given me the chance to create friendships with other Panhellenic women, and I cannot wait to meet the girls coming through in August!"

Hayley: "Last year I was on the Executive Recruitment Committee with AOII. It was a great experience, and I had so much fun helping out and planning for the week! I love helping the recruitment process in any way I can."

What are you most excited for about recruitment?

Brooke: "To foster the relationships I already have within my chapter and to create more with girls coming through and with our new pledge class!"

Hayley: "Sisterhood Day! It's going to be really fun!"

What's your funniest or favorite recruitment memory?

Brooke: "My funniest (most embarrassing) recruitment story is one from when I was an incoming freshman going through recruitment. I was so excited to start the new season of college life, and I felt like nothing could bring me down! Until gravity actually did….I was walking into an Ice Water Tea party and hit the ground. Yep, fainted right there in the doorway. As a freshman, I thought this was my end. I could never shed the embarrassment or horror of my unfortunate fainting occurrence. But as you might guess, I was wrong, and I am probably better because of it."

Hayley: "My favorite recruitment memory was bonding with all the girls during recruitment sophomore year. During that week, Brooke and I got really close with a group of girls that we did not normally hang out with. We ended up becoming great friends, and now we all live together! 

Why are you still #ChoosingAlphaO?

Brooke: "I #ChoseAlphaO because these women are different. They are compassionate, spunky, kind, loving, and overall an incredible group of people. I recognized these characteristics as a freshman and have only seen them grow over the past three years."

Hayley: "AOII has been a huge part of my life these past three years and I am so thankful for the friendships that I have made! I love that I can be myself, and I am accepted for who I am. I love that AOII pushes us to excel inside and outside of the classroom and am so encouraged by them. 

What advice would you give a potential new member?

Brooke:  "The advice I would give to a PNM is…don’t faint!!! Just kidding—it all works out ;) I would tell a potential new member to remember who they are through this process. Recruitment can be a stressful time with lots of newness, but it can also be a beautiful time of growth and excitement! Through all of that, stay true to who you are and find the women who are going to help you be a better version of that person.

Hayley: "Just be yourself! The week has many ups and downs, but you'll end up where you are meant to be! Trust your Pi Chi - she knows what she's talking about! And just have fun! We're so excited to meet all of you very soon!"