Why We're #ChoosingAlphaO

After a week of attending Recruitment parties, standing in long lines, and meeting hundreds of new people, we joined our sisterhood in AOII, excited for a new chapter in our lives. Now, even as the years pass by, we are still proudly choosing Alpha O. Beyond titles or accomplishments, we choose AOII every day because of the wonderful individuals who make it up. We choose AOII because of the deep-rooted friendships we’ve created. We choose AOII because of the memories made. And most importantly, we choose AOII because of the constant support we receive, always pushing us to be our best and loving us along the way.

"There's a stereotype floating around that says sororities ask you to change to fit their mold. However, I've never found that to be true. In fact, since #ChoosingAlphaO, I have never been more encouraged to be myself, foster my passions, stick to my values, and grow into the person I want to be." -Olivia Glover

"Coming into freshman year, I was so hungry for genuine friendships and to surround myself with people who made me feel known on a real level. Man, did the Lord provide in that way!!! My favorite part of being an AOII is how much encouragement there is to be the best version of yourself. There is not competition between each other because we want to see each other succeed. My favorite memory was campaign week. We had the BEST time at the crack of dawn in the freezing cold, talking to other students about the girls we loved. Not because we had to but because we believed in their platforms, their abilities, and them. These same girls have helped me practice for interviews, stay up studying during finals, and work on my YoungLife talks. They let me borrow their business casual (because we all know I don't own any), brought me the good Sonic ice when I had the flu, and loved me in tangible ways that have shaped me into who I am today. I am a reflection of the ladies in this chapter, and I am so proud to call AOII my home." -Abby Horne


“This summer, before I took the Dental Admission Test, my friends put together a video featuring all the people I love wishing me luck on the test. Each person recorded themselves saying a short word of encouragement, and it ended up being five minutes long! It was the sweetest testament of friendships that AOII has brought me." -Carolina Braga

Little did I know on big/little night as a scared freshman that I would be running into the arms (literally) of my new best friend. From our first panda pal date on a laser-tag team to standing next to her on her wedding day four years later, I can't believe how far we've come! I will forever be grateful to AOII for all of the friendships I've formed with my sisters." -Meagan Richardson

"These are the girls who took me on my first camping trip, surprise me with gifts after studying all day, and just keep me laughing all of the time. I truly don't think my experience at Auburn would be the same without them." -Claudia Casanova


"One reason I love AOII is how fun everyone is. Whether it be at a social, while having spontaneous dance breaks, Greek Sing practice, or even chapter, everyone is so fun, positive, and upbeat! It makes every event so enjoyable. I always have a blast hanging out with my sisters." -Bailey Wolanek

"I love AOII because it has comforted me at times that felt uncomfortable. Coming out of state made me so nervous since I knew no one, but I was so openly and warmly welcomed in AOII that I knew I made the right choice. I even got a tremendous amount of support from my sisters when two of my brothers were deployed overseas; girls wrote letters to send to military members in a giant care package. It really touched my heart to see that they cared just as much as I did." -Nicole Bianca

"Honestly, AOII has made my time at Auburn oh so much better! The friends I have made in AOII are lifelong friends that I could not ever imagine living without. No matter if I am having a great day or a really bad one, I know these girls will be there by my side.” -Morgan Cheney

"AOII has always had a soft spot in my heart since the beginning. AOII’s philanthropy is the Arthritis Foundation. My mother and grandmother suffer from arthritis, and no one ever really discusses or raises money for this disease. I felt at home instantly because I knew this group of girls were special, and after joining, I couldn’t have felt more at home. Not only did I love the sorority for its philanthropy but also because of the people! At our two fundraising events, Run for Roses and Slice Out Arthritis, everyone participates and is so excited to help. You could tell just by the number of runners and pie bakers we had that everyone wanted to get involved! I love AOII because we support each other and know when to give back. Alpha Omicron Pi is made up of passionate girls who are dedicated to help others in every way possible." -Libby Kluttz

Although we love celebrating big events and achievements, it’s the everyday love and support we give and receive that make the most impact. Whether it’s watching the Bachelorette in the chapter room, splitting cookie totes in RBD, or a familiar face and a “Hey!” on the concourse, our sisters help make Auburn feel even more like home!