Bid Day 2017

After a long week of recruitment, we were so excited to welcome 82 incredible girls home to our sisterhood! Additionally, we got to welcome back 6 "Pi Chi" recruitment counselors and 2 members of Recruitment Executive Board! We had the best time celebrating and love our new members already!!! 


Our new sisters:

Abbey Baird

Katherine Barton

Brooke Bouton

Gracie Braswell

Anna Grace Breedlove

Karstin Brewis

Cecile Brown

Veronica Cherry

Ally Cimperman

Ella Grace Cope

Madison Costantino

Abby Davis

Julia DeCarlo

Paige DeShazo

Anna Dreaden

Katie Dunne

Kelsi Durkee

Livi Edmonson

Abbie Erbes

Corinne Fay

Madi Ferguson

Emily Gossett

Emma Harris

Madison Hedge

Miah Henderson

Catherine Jebeles

Ally Jelks

Rachel Johnson

Anna Claire Johnson

Charlton Kam

Ashley Kendrick

Sara Beth Kramlich

Sarah Kugler

Erin LaGrone

Savannah Latham

Malori Lewis

Jacqueline Lewis

Maggie Listi

Cynthia Long

Rachel Lovvorn

Elle Macdonald




Lydia Maxwell

Erin McCartney

Maggie McCrory

Lauren McLeod

Claire Milton

Caroline Monson

Savannah Moseley

Lauren Mussell

Lydia Norman

Mallory Odom

Sarah Jordan Oliver

Gaby Palazzo

Addison Palazzo

Francie Parker

Raveena Patel

Leanne Phillips

ClaraLane Purdy

Emma Rich

Abby Schmidt

Megan Schrock

Gillian Schuyler

Livi Self

Caroline Sellers

Grace Shepherd

Olivia Slupe

Amiah Smith

Laurel Stanton

Leah Stephenson

Jessie Stevens

Emma Stewart

Katie Stipe

Samantha Strunk

Gracie Stuart

Lauren Thigpen

Anna Walston

Elan Watson

Victoria Weeks

Anna Paige Wilson

Hannah Wood

Jordan Woody

Kendall Woody


Our Pi Chi's:

Mariel Broussard

Emma Grace Cline

Madison Kimel

Ally McClendon

Steffie Rosene

Katy Yonkee

Our Recruitment Executive Board Members:

Alex McFadden, Panhellenic President

Cassie Sadie, Head Recruitment Computer Analyst


To all these girls: Welcome Home! We're so thankful you're #ChoosingAlphaO.


Special thanks to our very talented sister, Jennings Bowden, for her photography and capturing these special moments for us.