Meet Our President

Meet our fearless leader- our president, Mallory Meagher! Mallory is a senior from Auburn, AL, majoring in biomedical sciences. Before her term as president, she served as AOII's secretary and has kept our chapter organized, inspired, and always feeling so loved in both roles. 

"I have known Mallory for several years now, and I could not think of a better person to be our president. She is compassionate, diligent, and gives her all in everything she does, whether it be schoolwork, leadership positions, or friendships. She leads our chapter with kindness and humility, and it is an honor to call her our president." -Natalie Free

What made you want to run for president of AOII?

"Over the course of first two years at Auburn, I was involved in AOII as well as several different organizations outside of AOII. As I grew older, I realized that the roles I played in AOII were the ones that consistently provided me with the most joy. The “work” I had never felt like work because it was easy to get things done when you had your best friends beside you. I served as secretary my sophomore year and genuinely looked forward to attending meetings and chapter every week! I loved accomplishing my goals as secretary, because it meant providing for the people that I loved the most. The challenges I faced in leadership roles in AOII were ones that made me a better person, and the girls that I worked alongside constantly pushed and encouraged me. I decided that AOII was the organization I wanted to invest most of my time in, because this was the organization that invested the most in me. When the time came around, I ran for president and never looked back!"

What’s the best part of being president?

Everything!!! But seriously, I love every second of being president. I think one of my favorite aspects of the job would be getting to know each girl on a personal level and helping them whenever they need it. While the administrative and planning part of the role is important, I think it is vital to connect with the girls that make up the chapter. As president, I’m looking out for the well-being of 270 gals every day! Whether that means sending encouraging texts, grabbing coffee with some freshmen, or just listening to people when they’ve had a bad day, I try my best to be there for anyone that needs me. AOII has such a unique and consistent support group, and I consider myself so lucky to be a part of it!

Describe AOII in 3 words.

Uplifting, driven, lively!

What’s your favorite AOII memory?

Campaign week 2017 will always be full of the best memories! Our whole chapter dedicated themselves to campaigning for Sarah Patrick for Miss Auburn and Jacqueline Keck for SGA President, who are two of my best friends. It was the craziest week of my college career, but it was also so incredible to see all 270 girls joining together to support Sarah and Jacqueline! I am so proud of the hard work that we put into that campaign. When we had to go into a runoff for Jacqueline and campaign for two more days, no one hesitated to go all out, even when they were exhausted. We powered through those last days, and it was definitely worth it.

Tell us about what you’ve been doing this summer.

I’ve been working at an oral surgery this summer, and it’s been a blast! I help set up and recover patients from surgery, sterilize equipment, etc., and I’ve learned so much about the healthcare field through my experiences there. I want to go to PA school, so this has helped me gain valuable skills for my future! I also just got back from a COSAM study abroad trip in Spain, where I shadowed Spanish doctors in a local hospital. Of course, I had plenty of time to sightsee as well! I loved being abroad, but I couldn’t wait to be back home and back with my friends—and especially couldn’t wait to gear up for Recruitment!

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"Mallory is the epitome of spirited. She loves Auburn and AOII so much, and it is so apparent in everything she does. She takes serving others to a completely new level because she LOVES doing it, and you can tell. I love being a part of this amazing group of women under her leadership." -Kat Weller