Get to Know Alpha O: Anna Grace Breedlove!

Get to know Alpha O with Anna Grace Breedlove! Anna Grace is a freshman from Vestavia Hills, Alabama, studying Biomedical Sciences - Pre Med. She was nominated by her friends Jordan Woody and Brooke Bouton! "She is the best friend to anyone who needs one. She will sit with you while you get your nails done, go to the doctor when you need your mom but she’s not here, or do a jig when prompted. Simply the best." said Brooke Bouton. "Since bid day, Anna Grace and I have become so so close and I couldn’t even imagine in high school being such great friends with her like I am now. I know that I can always tell her anything. She gives me the best advice and always listens to me. Overall she is the chillest most down to earth girl and I think AOII is very lucky to have her!!" said Jordan Woody.


What is your favorite AOII memory?

My favorite AOII memory would probably have to be my first… Bid day!! It was so nice to finally be done with the stressful week and to get to run home to so many cool new people!

What is the best trip you have ever been on?

The best trip I have ever been on was this past summer when my family and I went to Hawaii! It was absolutely beautiful, and there was no shortage of cool things to do. It truly is paradise!!


What makes Auburn so special to you?

There are too many reasons to name for why Auburn is such a special place. For starters, I love the way the student body is like a family. We all like to rally around one cause especially when it comes to football!

What is your major and why did you choose it?

My major is currently biomedical sciences, and I chose it so maybe one day I could be a doctor. Although it is challenging and makes me spend lots of time in RBD, I am hoping it will be rewarding in the end.