Get to Know Alpha O: Julie McDaniel

Julie is from Montgomery, AL and is starting Pharmacy school at Auburn in the fall! She was nominated by Bonnie DeCarlo who said, "Julie is smart, kind, generous and above all the most loving friend! She consistently lives out the values that we embody in AOII and serves as an uplifting role model to our chapter. Julie always makes everyone laugh (even if it’s sometimes at her expense) and she is truly such a light in her pledge class! I wish that I could show half of the grace and kindness that she demonstrates daily!".


What are some things you are passionate about?

I am passionate about children because I think it is so important to teach them what is truly about important in life at a young age. This summer, I am working at Summer Show-Offs, a show-choir camp for children of all ages. I am a counselor for the 1st and 2nd graders, and although our goal is to teach them to be confident, our main goal is to show them the love of Christ through the way we live. I am passionate about sharing the good news of Christ to these children.


What is your favorite AOII memory?

There are way too many amazing AOII memories to choose just one. I think my favorite memories are from living on the hall and having movie nights with girls on the hall and just hanging out with everyone. Although planned AOII events are fun, the most fun times are when we just all get together and hang out.

What is your favorite thing you’re involved in, besides AOII?

My favorite thing that I am involved in besides AOII is definitely AU Singers. AU Singers is Auburn’s show-choir, and like AOII, it has an incredible family atmosphere. I have had the opportunity to serve AU Singers as secretary my sophomore year and as vice-president this past year. It has been a tremendous blessing to perform with AU Singers and meet some of my best friends along the way!


What do you like most about your role as Chaplain?

As Chaplain, I have the opportunity to serve AOII in a different way than other leadership positions. I enjoy giving devotions at weekly chapter meetings and allowing our members to slow down from the business of college for a few minutes and reflect on what is truly important. It is so easy to get caught up in the craziness of classes and involvement, but I think it is crucial to pause and remember that the reason we exist is to glorify the God of the Universe who created us and loves us unconditionally.